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Materials and Methods

1. Detection of plasmid DNA and expressed proteins on HaloTag protein array

2. Blocking of plasma samples with E.coli lysates

3. Protein microarray denaturation

Figure S1. Vector Map of pJFT7-nHalo

Figure S2. Blocking plasma with E. coli lysate can reduce background signal on HeLa IVTT expressed protein array. A. Left, plasma pre-blocked by E. coli lysate; right, no pre-blocking. B. Signal to noise ratio plot of two conditions in A. Background was represented by median signal intensity of all spots on one slide. Feature color represents an artificial color scheme to indicate signal intensity (red > yellow > green > blue).

Figure S3. Different AAb response to TPD52 and MYC between native protein array and denatured protein array.

Table S1. Gene list on HaloTag NAPPA

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