Network views for personalized medicine


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Clinical Proteomics has traveled a long way pinpointing potential biomarkers for a variety of diseases. However, the absence of clinical implementation of proteomics findings has led to a frank evaluation and reconsideration of applied practices in biomarker discovery, recruitment of technological tools for biomarker verification and generation of new guidelines for data reporting. Nevertheless, considering the need for vast clinical resources for biomarker validation, the frequent lack of clear definitions of contexts of use, in combination to the biomarker “high offer,” progress toward biomarker implementation will even more require the adoption of an extensive open-minded approach: disease-focused networks are needed to ensure rapid exchange of information, initiation of appropriate studies, parallel validation of multiple biomarkers and sharing of valuable clinical resources. This viewpoint article targets to reflect on these issues and advocates the added value of multidisciplinary networks in biomarker development using bladder cancer as a paradigm.