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prca1511-sup-0001-Text1.pptx50KSupplementary material 1. Amino acid P1 residue cleavage distribution in TGFBIp. Frequencies of P1 cleavage sites observed in semi-tryptic TGFBIp peptides of amyloid deposits and control tissue. Tissues from both siblings display higher cleavage frequencies after threonine and valine residues and to a less extent after tyrosine residues. Numbers of counted P1 sites were 626 (sibling 1), 527 (sibling), and 282 (control).
prca1511-sup-0002-Text2.xlsx2383KSupplementary material 2. MS protein and peptide information
prca1511-sup-0003-Text3.xlsx151KSupplementary material 3. emPAI quantification and total protein identification list
prca1511-sup-0004-Text4.pdf45034KSupplementary material 4. MS/MS spectra of protein hits identified by one peptide

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