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prca1541-sup-0001-figure1.ppt45KFigure S1: Exemplary pattern of RP fragments. RP46 was incubated in serum of healthy controls (QCH) and tumor patients (QCT) for 24 h prior to LC-MS analysis. (A) Ladder like degradation of RP46 with theoretical and observed masses for each fragment. (B) Signal intensities of respective fragments. Error bars indicate standard deviations of 5 repetitive measurements. RP: Reporter peptide. AP: Anchor peptide.
prca1541-sup-0002-figure2.ppt69KFigure S2: Calibration curves of anchor peptides: (A) Equations and coefficients of correlation (R2) for the five anchor peptides. (B) exemplary graph of the calibration curve of AP 132. Error bars indicate the standard deviation of triplicate measurements.
prca1541-sup-0003-figure3.ppt88KFigure S3: Exemplary liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry results of the five APs. (A) Extracted ion chromatograms of APs with extracted mass of ± 0.01 of the respective m/z values (see Table 1). (B) Electrospray ionization mass spectrum of the AP14 (m/z 522.8007) and AP48 (m/z 487.2824) eluting at 14.57 minutes.
prca1541-sup-0004-figure4.ppt157KFigure S4: Exemplary amino acid sequence confirmation. Print screen of the MS/MS spectrum of AP48 m/z 487.2824 that was performed with PEAKS studio software version 5.2 (Bioinformatics Solutions, Waterloo, Canada). The synthetic amino acid Ahx could not be handled by the software and instead is displayed as lysine (L), which is an isomer of Ahx and thus produces a fragment with the same mass.
prca1541-sup-0005-figure5.ppt56KFigure S5: Fitted lognormal distribution for AP132. Goodness-of-fit tests for lognormal distribution. Kolmogorov-Smirnov: p value >0.150. Cramer-von Mises: p value >0.500. Anderson-Darling p value >0.500. The distribution is right skewed.
prca1541-sup-0006-table1.doc191KTable S1: Reporter peptide library. Cleavage sites were flanked by Biotin-Ahx-Abu at the aminoterminus. Ahx: Aminohexanoic acid. Abu: Aminobutyric acid. The protease resistant anchorpeptide at the carboxylterminus consisted of Ahx-ateetalkv; lowercase letters were D-aminoacids. Selected RPs for further multiplex validation are marked in grey.

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