The Use and Application of Red-Phosphorous Pyrotechnic Composition for camouflage in the infrared region of radiation



Under laboratory conditions, there were detected burning products of pyrotechnic compositions based on red phosphorus with epoxy resin being especially trihydrogenphosphoric acid, tetrahydrogendiphosphoric acid and mixture of cyclo-triphosphoric acid, cyclo-tetraphosphoric acid and cyclo-hexaphosphoric acid. In burning products of pyrotechnic composition with magnesium added there was detected only cyclo-triphosphoric acid among cyclic derivatives. Phosphorous aerodispersions generated from smoke grenades containing these pyrotechnic compositions under field conditions could screen infrared radiation (0.82 μm, 3–5 μm, 10.6 μm wavelengths) with high efficiency. Examined pyrotechnic compositions of plasticized red phosphorus with epoxy resin proved to be suitable for smoke grenades of modern construction with both fast and slower generation of phosphorous aerodispersion.