Static Electric Sensitivity Characteristics of Zr/BaCrO4 Pyrolants



Zirconium (Zr) easily ignites in air atmosphere and generates high-energy output. Therefore, it is used as a fuel for pyrolants. Barium chromate (BaCrO4) dose not ignite in air, so it is one of safety materials and it is used as oxidizer. These materials are mixed with viton as coating material/agent, since viton is easily dissolved in acetone. The static electric sensitivity of only-BaCrO4-coated material is lower than that of Zr-coated one. The static electric energy, E, influences the chemical and the physical ignition delay times and they decrease with increasing E. The chemical ignition delay time decreases with increasing concentration of Zr. The chemical and physical ignition delay times of only-BaCrO4-coated pyrolant are longer than those of both-coated material and only-Zr-coated, so the pyrolant of only-BaCrO4-coated pyrolant is the safer material.