• String theory;
  • orientifold;
  • torsion;
  • moduli stabilization


Using a “Superstrings with Torsion” type description, we study a class of IIB orientifolds in which spacefilling O5 planes and D5 branes wrap the T2 fiber in a warped modification of the product of 4D Minkowski space and a T2 fibration. For the case that the base is T4, we provide examples that preserve 4D �� = 1, 2, and 3 supersymmetry, both with internal RR flux, and with a combination of internal RR and NS flux. In these examples, the internal geometries admit integrable complex structure; however, the almost complex structure selected by the supersymmetry conditions is nonintegrable in the case that there is NS flux. We indicate explicitly the massless spectrum of gauge fields and moduli in each example. In a previous investigation, this class of orientifolds was studied using T-duality. Here, we extend the previous analysis, first by providing an intrinsic description that does not rely on duality, and then by elaborating on details of the T-duality map, which we use to check our results.