Super flavorsymmetry with multiple Higgs doublets



The meaning of non-Abelian super flavorsymmetry in the presence of Multiple Higgs Doublets is twofold: The first one is to order the Yukawa sector of the standard model, while generating the Cheng-Sher suppression of tree-level Flavor Changing Neutral Currents (FCNCs), and the second one is to soften the fine tuning problem in the scalar potential and at the same time to suppress FCNCs coming from the soft breaking of supersymmetry. If spontaneous CP violation is combined with non-Abelian super flavorsymmetry the CP phases in the soft supersymmetry breaking sector can disappear. This feature of super flavorsymmetry is reviewed and elaborated in a supersymmetric model of flavor based on the finite group Q6. The predictions of the model in ferimion mass and mixing, and flavor and CP violation can be tested in future experiments.