Molecular PCA3 diagnostics on prostatic fluid




The PCA3 test on urine can improve specificity in prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis and could prevent unnecessary prostate biopsies. In this study, we evaluated the PCA3 test on prostatic fluid and compared this with the PCA3 test on urine in a clinical research setting.


Prostatic fluid and urine samples from 67 men were collected following digital rectal examination (DRE). The sediments were analyzed using the quantitative APTIMA® PCA3 test. The results were compared with prostate biopsy results.


Using a PCA3 score of 66 as a cut-off value, the test on prostatic fluid had 65% sensitivity for the detection of PCa, 82% specificity and a negative predictive value of 82%. At a cut-off value of 43, the test on urine had 61% sensitivity, 80% specificity and a negative predictive value of 80%.


The PCA3 test can be performed on both urine and prostatic fluid in the diagnosis of PCa with comparable results. Prostate 67: 881–887, 2007. © 2007 Wiley-Liss, Inc.