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PROT_22853_sm_suppMovie-1.mpg8952KSupporting Movie 1 Transition from surface hexamer-of-hexamers to the transmembrane beta barrels. The segments are colored as in the text. The first morphing movie illustrates a side view of the backbone of four of the six hexamers.
PROT_22853_sm_suppMovie-2.mpg9456KSupporting Movie 2 The second movie is a top view down the six-fold symmetric axis of the pore, showing all six hexamers. The morphing movies were created in two steps. Pdb files of intermediate stages were created from the five models of Fig. 3 using ‘Morph’ script in VMD software package. Next, these pdb files were converted to a movie file using VMD movie plugin version 1.7.
PROT_22853_sm_suppinfo.doc766KSupporting Information

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