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PROT_24173_sm_SuppTab1.pdf91KSupporting Information Table 1. List of protein chains examined in this work.
PROT_24173_sm_SuppTab2.pdf147KSupporting Information Table 2. List of β-sheets examined in this work
PROT_24173_sm_SuppTab3.pdf35KSupporting Information Table 3. Residue β-sheet propensities from this and other works.
PROT_24173_sm_SuppTab4.pdf43KSupporting Information Table 4. Non-local cross-strand pairing preferencesa normalized by local cross-strand pairing preferences.between β-strands examined in this work.
PROT_24173_sm_SuppTab5.pdf160KSupporting Information Table 5. Structural details for the gaps with more than 100 residues between β-strands examined in this work.

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