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Supplemental Figure 1. Electron density map (2Fo-Fc) contoured at 1.0 sigma near the α4-α5 loop is shown as blue mesh for 4IFP (A) and 3KAT (B). C. The α6 helix of the MBP-NLRP1-CARD are involved in crystal lattice contacts with residue W1460 binding its symmetry mate. The NLRP1 CARD is colored magenta and pink, and the W1460 residues are shown as sticks and marked. D. A similar view of the 3KAT α6 helix is shown in yellow and wheat.

Table S1. Comparison of the MBP-NLRP1 CARD (4IFP) and NLRP1 CARD (3KAT) crystal structures using the Molprobity server and the Phenix program

Table S2. Comparison of the NLRP1 CARD structure (4IFP) with other CARD structures by the Dali server (

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