CASP prediction center infrastructure and evaluation measures in CASP10 and CASP ROLL



The Protein Structure Prediction Center at the University of California, Davis, supports the CASP experiments by identifying prediction targets, accepting predictions, performing standard evaluations, assisting independent CASP assessors, presenting and archiving results, and facilitating information exchange relating to CASP and structure prediction in general. We provide an overview of the CASP infrastructure implemented at the Center, and summarize standard measures used for evaluating predictions in the latest round of CASP. Several components were introduced or significantly redesigned for CASP10, in particular an improved assessors' common web-workspace; a Sphere Grinder visualization tool for analyzing local accuracy of predictions; brand new blocks for evaluation contact prediction and contact-assisted structure prediction; expanded evaluation and visualization tools for tertiary structure, refinement and quality assessment. Technical aspects of conducting the CASP10 and CASP ROLL experiments and relevant statistics are also provided. Proteins 2014; 82(Suppl 2):7–13. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.