Pancreatic spasmolytic polypeptide: Crystallization, circular dichroism analysis, and preliminary X-ray diffraction studies



Pancreatic spasmolytic polypeptide (PSP) isolated from porcine pancreas has been crystallized by the hanging drop vapor diffusion method. Crystals suitable for X-ray diffraction analysis were grown at pH 4.7 from a solution of 6% saturated ammonium sulfate. The space group is orthorhombic I222 or I212121 with unit cell parameters a = 54.38 Å, b = 72.29 Å, and c = 180.85 Å. There are three molecules of PSP per asymmetric unit and a water content of 46.9%. The crystals diffracts to an estimated resolution of 2.7 Å.

The far-UV CD spectrum of PSP shows some exceptional features which cannot be accounted for thoroughly in terms of standard secondary structures commonly seen in protein CD spectroscopy. With this limitation, the secondary structure analysis predicts 15% α-helix, between 10 and 20% antiparallel β-strand, 10% parallel β-strand, 15% turn, and 25 to 40% of other structures. © 1992 Wiley-Liss, Inc.