Multiuse pilot-scale plants often run production campaigns in parallel, requiring frequent changes in the chemistry from campaign to campaign and modified procedures to match the new production needs within a short time span. Facilities must also match clients' product chemistry and process demands with their equipment capabilities.

These campaigns may occur several times a year with considerable overlap of projects. Several basic but important questions arise for the facility manager. For example, how do the facilities' personnel

  • pay adequate attention to all of the safety issues associated with the chemical reactivity?

  • ensure that a facility's equipment and the new process chemistry fit together safely, especially with respect to chemical reactivity?

  • verify emergency relief and vent sizing, estimate cooling duty needs, and implement the necessary process safety changes?

This paper introduces a new approach and procedure that assists plant personnel to assess the process and identify the potential hazards. The procedure also recommends a methodology to evaluate the nature and extent of the hazard. © 2006 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog, 2006