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Inherently safer technology: An evolutionary approach



As a long-time advocate of inherently safer technologies, Dow has a rich history of designing chemical processes that meet intrinsic standards for safety. Inherently safer technologies are not, however, a panacea for safe operations or site security. Inherent safety must be complementary with other risk reduction strategies and is just one resource in our risk management arsenal. Effective use of this and other strategies helps Dow uphold the stringent safety standards set by our company and the chemical industry, and contribute to the industry's reputation as being one of the safest in the world. Dow applies inherently safer technologies whenever possible during the life cycle of a process. Over time, this can result in an evolutionary approach where a process is made inherently safer by a number of incremental changes. This article includes the important lessons learned regarding the application of inherent safety. © 2006 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog, 2006