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Managing on stream leak repairs


  • Prepared for Presentation at American Institute of Chemical Engineers 2006 Spring National Meeting 40th Annual Loss Prevention Symposium, Orlando, Florida, April 24–26, 2006.


The purpose of a fabricated equipment mechanical integrity program is to ensure the reliable containment of process contents. An on stream leak of a pressure vessel, piping circuit, tank, or other piece of process equipment represents a failure of the mechanical integrity program, which could negatively impact the safety, reliability, and environmental performance of a process unit. This mechanical integrity failure and its potential consequences can be mitigated, however, if an “On Stream Leak Repair” (OSLR) can be accomplished in a safe and reliable manner. This article addresses the typical hazards associated with OSLRs and offers some practical advice as to how to manage their implementation and verify their eventual removal. © 2006 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog, 2006