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Thermal emission and other characteristics of large liquefied natural gas fires



Three 35-m diameter liquefied natural gas (LNG) fire tests were conducted on an insulated concrete dike in July and September of 1987. Although details of the test setup and instruments were previously reported, only limited data were published. This article presents additional data, especially of the radiant heat output of the fire, and other important results. The fire emissive power obtained from the wide angle and narrow angle radiometer data are compared with similar results from other field tests. The importance of these results in modeling the behavior of large LNG fires and predicting the thermal emissions from fires postulated to occur from large LNG releases is discussed. Also indicated in this article are the data on the spectral emission from the 35-m diameter LNG fires. Analysis and comparison with similar data from the China Lake LNG fire on water tests are provided. © 2006 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog, 2007.