• vessel burst;
  • tank rupture;
  • cylinder explosion;
  • consequence analysis;
  • damage


The aim of this paper is to describe a methodology to facilitate a consequence analysis for a pressure wave from a cylindrical vessel burst; however, this methodology can be used for other accident scenarios. The main PROBIT equations to evaluate the direct damage on humans include eardrum rupture, death due to skull fracture, death due to whole body impact, and lung damage. The results are evaluated and the most suitable PROBIT equations are selected. A new methodology is developed to relate the characteristic overpressure–impulse–distance curves for a cylindrical vessel burst, from a previous paper (González Ferradás et al., Process Saf Progr 25 (2006), 250-254), with the selected PROBIT equation results. This methodology allows the determination of damage in one step, using explosion energy and distance to the accident's origin. Equations are also developed for using this methodology in a computer program or spread sheet calculations. © 2007 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog, 2007