• Inherently Safer Processing;
  • Inherently Safer Design;
  • Limitation of Effects


Minimize, Substitute, Moderate, and Simplify are four primary Inherently Safer Processing (ISP) strategies. The Moderate strategy is primarily Attenuation, a strategy that emphasizes the use of materials under less hazardous conditions. Limitation of Effects is also an ISP term bantered about as being included within the purview of this Moderate strategy, although it is at times presented as a separate, unique ISP strategy. Regardless of the taxonomy, the application of such a strategy can significantly lower overall process safety risk. This study discusses the author's understanding of the meaning of the term Limitation of Effects and presents examples of the application of this strategy to the siting of plants, processes, and buildings. © 2007 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog, 2008