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Blast charts for explosive evaporation of superheated liquids



Explosive evaporation of superheated liquids is a hazard faced in many sectors of the process industries. The assumption that the explosive evaporation process is as fast as the inertia of the expanding mix of vapor and liquid in the surrounding air allows has been used as a safe and conservative starting point for the numerical computation of the blast. The result represents the maximum blast potential of an evaporating superheated liquid.

The modeling has been applied for the compilation of blast charts for some gaseous substances that are usually stored, transported, or handled in liquefied form. Because the blast charts have been directly computed from the gas dynamics of an explosive evaporation process, they enable a more realistic assessment of the blast potential of superheated liquids than the usual methods based on TNT-equivalency. © 2008 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog, 2008