Taming mechanical integrity



A well designed and executed mechanical integrity (MI) program is essential to loss prevention. A MI program perpetually behind the unrelenting schedule of completing essential equipment condition monitoring tasks or the function tests of process safeguards is symptomatic of not understanding the resource requirements and the technical requirements for a MI program. A key to preventing this outcome is to define a realistic MI program that meets your resource constraints, but delivers the right information on schedule. A realistic MI program is designed by plant personnel understanding why each activity is performed to the frequency and extent you have specified and the benefit it brings to the integrity of the equipment. This topic is applicable to facilities of any size or extent of process hazards, but the emphasis for this discussion will be for smaller facilities. This is accomplished by defining a MI program that is matched to your resources with a realistic suite of activities and schedules that you understand. A thorough PHA should address the process hazards, describe the potential consequences and their causes and identify safeguards. © 2008 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog 2008