Human Factors Programs within Contra Costa County



Starting in 1999, regulated industrial facilities in Contra Costa County, California were required to develop Human Factors Programs as part of the Industrial Safety Ordinance (ISO). Human Factors Programs within the County are designed to be a thorough assessment of the interactions between equipment, work processes, procedures, practices, work environment, people, and management systems as they relate to health and safety. Committees were established at each facility to oversee the development, training, and execution of the site-specific programs. Primary areas of focus in the ongoing implementation of an effective Human Factors Program are periodic assessments and resolution of Latent Conditions, and performance of Management of Organizational Change Assessments before staffing changes. This article describes the steps that facilities in Contra Costa County have taken to develop comprehensive site specific Human Factors Programs. © 2009 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog, 2009