• risk assessment;
  • quantitative risk assessment;
  • case history;
  • acetic acid;
  • organic acids


Acetic acid is not a chemical covered by the OSHA PSM regulation, as its flash point is above the 100 F threshold for flammables; however, it is by no means a nonhazardous chemical. Eastman Chemical Company has a large number of processes containing acetic acid and related organic acids, and as a corporation, we wanted to assure that risk for these processes was at a tolerable level. To facilitate these risk assessments, flash point data was generated and a qualitative risk analysis was performed for a large number of process vessels. Selected quantitative risk assessment studies were then performed using fault tree/event tree methodology, comparing the assessed level of risk to generally accepted government and industry benchmarks as well as risk levels for some common activities. The highest contributors to risk were identified, analyzed with respect to current protective measures, and mitigated through the application of practical modifications, which reduced their risk to a tolerable level. © 2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog, 2010