Correlations for mass transfer from a liquid spill: Comparisons and recommendations



Accurate estimation of mass evaporation from a liquid spill is of great concern in the area of hazard analysis. The chemical properties, especially its boiling point with respect to ambient temperature, play a major role in the result of evaporation rate. Many models have been proposed for estimating evaporation rate from a boiling or evaporating pool. The objective of this article is to apply the proposed correlations to good quality pool evaporation data and compare their accuracy. Based on current analysis, we recommend the use of the Churchill model for pool evaporation. This model applies to the range of flow regimes from laminar to turbulent. The model provides convective mass and heat transfer coefficients for a complete range of Re, Pr, and Sc. We also present the individual heat sources forming the pool heat budget to get a feel for the relative importance of individual components in pool evaporation. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog, 2011.