• dust explosion;
  • explosion accident;
  • trigger;
  • explosion prevention


Dust explosions occur frequently in process industries leading to serious financial losses and injuries to personnel. Case histories during the past 30 years in China are reviewed in this article. The results indicate that 39% of the accidents occurred in flour and feed industry followed by plastic industry (15%), chemical industry (14%), metal industry (10%), and other industries (22%). Static electricity, welding and cutting, friction spark, electrical spark, and high temperature are the common ignition sources. Poor operating procedures and safety management are the root cause of accidents in China. The approaches to prevent dust explosions are: (a) train workers concerning the hazards of handling dusts, (b) specify guidelines and standards for operations, and (c) improve safety management practices to verify the utilization of training, guidelines, and standards. © 2012 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog, 2012