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Simulation study on an explosion accident in china



3D FLACS method was used in this article to study an industrial explosion accident in China where 1D and 2D methods were commonly used. A brief review for the gap between China and the West in the area of accident analysis and simulation was also provided. An explosion accident was studied using this method and the 2D method. Each simulation results were compared with observed damaged area, such as those key equipments and buildings nearby. The results indicated that this 3D method could calculate all parts in the space after explosion. According to the situation observed in the accident site, the calculation results with 3D method were more reasonable than those obtained with the 2D method. Water spray system was studied to design additional protection measures according to the suggestion of the investigation report. The comparison results indicated that the risks for gas explosion hazards were reduced after water spray system was applied. The study is conducive to develop advanced methods for industry accident investigation and analysis for additional protections in China. © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog 33: 56–63, 2014