Evaluation of safety performance in process industries



By considering literature review, the management mechanisms of Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System, and local regulations, the study proposes dimensions for the analysis of overall safety performance in the semiconductor industry, establishes three principal factors and 25 safety performance dimensions, and develops a questionnaire on safety performance. Three Taiwan semiconductor plants were selected as the subject for the quantitative analysis of the questionnaire and the current safety performance of the semiconductor industry was thoroughly investigated. The study extensively discusses a case study of three semiconductor plants showing highly significant differences in their “technical factor,” “organizational factor,” and “human factor” through an analysis of variance of safety performance. From the analysis, it was determined that 22 safety performance dimensions, with the exceptions of “self-inspection,” “emergency response,” and “safety audit,” demonstrate significant differences. © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Saf Prog 33: 166–171, 2014