SACHE, or Safety and Chemical Engineering Education, is a project under the auspices of AIChE's Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS). SACHE's mission is to assist universities to add an element of process safety to their undergraduate curriculum.

This project is funded by university members ($300/year/school) and CCPS ($30,000 annually). With the current membership of 72 universities, this gives SACHE an annual budget of $52,000 to produce teaching aids for universities. The teaching aids which have been produced and distributed to member universities include slide packages with scripts, videos, problems for use in class, and instructional modules covering technical subjects or case histories.

The SACHE products are primarily developed for universities; therefore, they contain (a) the fundamentals, (b) good illustrations, and (c) text to assist the professors develop effective educational exercises. Industry is also discovering that these products are valuable training aids; products are available via CCPS publications.