Accurate description of chemical and physical properties form the basis of chemical research, development, and commercialization of chemistry into products. The operating conditions for the chemical process are usually quite specific and are the focus of the entire commercialization activity. With the commitment to protect the worker, the public, and the environment, new or refined methods may be needed to control chemical and physical phenomena that can occur at the extreme bounds of the processing conditions. This control is accomplished in a variety of ways, but is usually done by providing a mix of passive, active and procedural controls.

Those with safety and risk assessment responsibilities in the Chemical Process Industry (CPI) identify hazards and assess risks inside these operating conditions and work diligently with their respective chemical development Teams to define the phenomena that can occur at the full operating capability of the commercial equipment. Phenomena like loss of thermal stability, and side reactions that do not occur within the desired operating conditions, may be enabled when the chemical processing conditions proceed toward the design limits of the equipment once control is lost.