SACHE case histories and training modules



Training can be simplified. Vivid slides of case histories of accidents, supplemented with easy-to-use lecture notes for the universities and industry, are now available through AIChE's Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS). Since 1991, a committee composed of approximately seven academics, seven industrial representatives, and three government representatives have worked together to produce teaching modules for use in the undergraduate educational experiences at colleges and universities. This committee, called the Undergraduate Education Committee (UEC), was established by CCPS to enhance chemical engineering undergraduate education in the area of chemical rocess safely. To date, the committee has produced 6 problem sets, and 15 case histories/training modules that consist of slides and lecture notes. These products are made available to universities who join a group called SACHE (Safity and Chemical Engineering Education) and can be used by instructors in classroom and seminar formats. The focus for this paper is a summary of case histories available (Tank Failures, Nitroaniline Reactor Rupture, Seveso, Bhopal, and Pasadena). Industry can also benefit by usin these informative modules in training their tecffnical employees.