Magazine articles, such as those in Process Safety Progress (PSP), are a source of new ideas as well as old ideas restated and emphasized. While busy schedules increasingly interfere with getting the most out of these types of information sources, studying such published papers should not be given a low priority. Presented below are ideas and thoughts (some garbage, some gems) on a variety of subjects from just one such issue (September 2001 of PSP). They include:

  • comments on the probabilistic nature of electrostatic ignition,

  • the domino effect in explosion scenarios,

  • MY Tree analysis of accidents,

  • an argument from the viewpoint of the industrial ecosystem in support of a fault data bank,

  • the prescriptiveness of performance-based standards,

  • the applicability of HAZOP to analogous systems different in scale and purpose,

  • keys to a good HAZOP and a good FMEA,

  • an argument in support of a universal effort to improve process safety by throwing cash at the hazards,

  • initiator/enabler concepts,

  • the use of a bar chart to effectively present the relative effectiveness of strategies used to control overall plant risk,

  • the flammability diagram: a living, pulsating thing, and

  • comments on the relationship between minimum ignition energy and turbulence.