Thermal response of process equipment to hydrocarbon fires. Relatively small fires in a process plant can cause equipment failure and initiate a much more dangerous situation


  • D. M. Solberg,

    1. Det Norske Veritas, Oslo, Norway
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    • Dag M. Solberg graduated M.Sc. from the Eidegenossische Technische Hochschule(ETH), Zurich, in 1967 and took his doctorate in the ETH's Institute for Process Technology and Cryogenics in 1973 having previously worked as an assistant lecturer and scientific assistant at the Institute. He joined the research division of Det norske Veritas in 1974 being appointed senior research engineer two years later, head of the Section for Process Technology in 1978 and Principal Research Engineer in 1979.

      He has been responsible for research work on fires and explosions related to ships and offshore platforms.

      He has been involved in a large number of projects on risk and consequence analysis of ships and offshore platforms and safety verifications of floating process plants for DnV.

      In February 1982 he took over other responsibilities within the organization and is now heading a new department for marine safety in the Ship Division.

  • O. Borgnes

    1. Det Norske Veritas, Oslo, Norway
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    • Otto Andreas Borgnes received his B. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, in 1950.

      After having worked at the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, at the Technical University of Norway, Trondheim, as a scientific assistant and in the industry as a refrigeration engineer, he joined Det norske Veritas in 1964. Here he has been working in various fields in connection with classification of ships.

      He has been a senior research engineer since 1978. He has been participating in a number of research projects on thermal analysis of ship's hull and cargo containment systems and on thermal response of components to hydrocarbon fire as well as safety evaluations of process plants.