Catalytic incineration of emissions for energy conservation. Catalytic incineration is often economically attractive as an alternative to thermal incineration for petroleum and petrochemical process organic emissions


  • Robert E. Kenson

    1. Met-Pro Corp., Harleysville, Pa. 19438
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    • Robert E. Kenson is Director of Engineering of the Systems Division of Met-Pro Corp., Harleyville, PA.

      He has over fifteen years' experience in chemical process engineering, including petrochemicals, fertilizers, synfuels, energy recovery, and polution control processes. In his present position, he is responsible for all research/development, design, and project management activities in pollution control and energy/resource conservation systems for Met-Pro's Systems Division.

      The author of numerous publications, he has presented papers before national meetings of WWEMA, APCA, AIChE, Catalysis Society, ACS, and AIChE. Ph.D. from Purdue University and an AB from Boston University.

      He is a member of AIChE, APCA, AMA, and Sigma Xi. As a member of AIChE, he has been active as session chairman, national program coordinator, programming committee member and task force member for the Environmental Division.

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