The prevention of major leaks—better inspection after construction?


  • Trevor A. Kletz

    1. University of Technology, Leicestershire, U.K.
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    • Trevor Kletz studied chemistry at Liverpool University and joined ICI in 1944. His first seven years were spent on research, mainly on infra-red spectroscopy, and in 1952 he was transferred to Oil Works as manager of the iso-octane plant. He remained in Oil Works, apart from a two-year spell in Technical Department, until 1967 carrying out various jobs and gradually working his way up to assistant works manager. In 1968 he was appointed Petrochemicals Division's first technical safety adviser with particular responsibility for process safety. He has taken special interest in the application of quantitative methods to safety problems. He retired from ICI in 1982 and joined the University of Technology, Loughborough.


“On the 26th September (1850) we were able to fix the first column in its place. From this time I took the general management of the building under my charge, and spent my time on the works–feeling that, unless the same person who made the drawings was always present to assign each part to its proper place in the structure, it would have been impossible to finish the building in time for the opening on the 1st of May.”

Charles Fox, builder of the Crystal Palace, quoted by L. T. C. Rolt in “Victorian Engineering,” Penguin Books, 1970, p. 153.