Emergency response procedures for anhydrous ammonia vapor release


  • Maurice L. Greiner

    1. J. R. Simplot Co., Pocatello, Idaho
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    • Maurice L. Greiner was a former professional fire fighter for the City of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1952–1966 and a former Director of the Regina Emergency Measures Organization 1966–1968 before joining the Simplot Company in 1968.

      He received his Fire Engineering Degree in 1968 from the Institution of Fire Engineers. He was cited for bravery in the fire service April 23, 1966. He received the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct, the “Life of Alberta Gold Medal”, and the “Royal Canadian Humane Association's Certificate for Bravery”. He is an accredited Fire Service Instructor with the Oregon Fire Standards and Accreditation Board.

      He has written a training manual and produced 5-hour workshops for fire departments on emergency procedures for fertilizers and ag chemicals.

      He has conducted many hundreds of workshops for fire departments throughout the U.S. and Canada on fertilizers and ag chemical. He co-authored a safety and health manual for the phosphate industry in 1980 and has authored numerous articles on fire safety in fire and safety trade journals.

      He developed and continues to direct the International Fertilizer Safety School, held annually in Spokane, Washington.

      He was one of the main speakers at the 54th Annual International Fire Instructors' Conference, Memphis, Tennessee, March 29, 1982.

      In 1981 he received the nation's highest award for safety from the National Safety Council in Chicago, “The Distinguished Service to Safety Award”.