Venting deflagrations—theory and practice


  • Ian Swift

    1. Fauske & Associates, Inc., Burr Ridge, Ill. 60521
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    • Ian Swift earned his Ph.D. degree from Leeds University, England, in 1975. He has been active in process safety work at Union Carbide's Safety Research Laboratory and more recently as Principal Research Scientist at American Cyanamid's Hazard Evaluation Laboratory. His research interests cover all aspects of process safety including emergency venting, combustion and explosion phenomena and dust explosibility. He was Technical Chairman of AIChE's Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS), is a Director of AIChE Safety and Health Division, is Chairman of ASTM E-27 Committee on Hazard Potential of Chemicals, a member of NFPA 68 Committee on Explosion Venting and a member Area 11a Committee on Loss Prevention.