Explosion in cold storage kills fire fighter


  • Thomas J. Klem

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    • Presented at the AIChE 1985 Summer National Meeting by Jack C. Saunders.

    • Thomas J. Klem is the Director of NFP's Fire Investigations and Applied Research Division. Jack C. Saunders is regional representative (west) of the NFPA.

      This investigation was conducted by the NFPA under an agreement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency/United States Fire Administration (FEMA/USFA) and the National Bureau of Standards/Center for Fire Research (NBS/CFR). It was jointly funded by these agencies and the NFPA.

      The substance of this investigation report is dedicated to the public. It may be freely reprinted with the customary crediting of the source. The author and publisher are solely responsible for the accuracy of statements or interpretations contained herein.