Failure of high pressure synthesis pipe


  • G. R. Prescott,

    1. C. F. Braun & Co. (retired) Alhambra, California
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    • G. R. Prescott recently retired from C. F. Braun Co., an engineering and construction company, after 32 years. He served as Chief Metallurgist and as Assistant Chief Engineer. He recently established a metallurgical consulting service specializing in problems relating to the petroleum and petrochemical industries. He is a graduate of Columbia University.

  • P. Blommaert,

    1. Nederlandse Stikstof Maatschappij BV, Brussels, Belgium
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    • P. H. Blommaert is a mechanical design engineer and design office manager at NSM (Norsk Hydro Belgium Office). He joined the company in 1966. Besides mechanical engineer, his special duties were material selection and corrosion problems. He holds a mechanical industrial engineering degree of the Brussels Technical High School.

  • L. Grisolia

    1. Nederlandse Stikstof Maatschappij BV Sluiskill, The Netherlands
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The circumstances leading to the failure and the corrective action that has been adopted to avoid similar accidents in the future.