The tasks and aims of the Commission involve the promotion of safety in the chemical industry.

Its membership is composed of individuals who hold positions with responsibilities for safety in chemical industrial concerns, in SUVA (Swiss national accident insurance fund) and the Swiss federal labor inspectorate as well as people at educational establishments in a position to further the importance of industrial safety; all are members ad personam.

The Commission endeavors to recognize current safety problems and tasks of comparatively major importance and to initiate and promote their treatment by specialists or specialist working parties from industrial firms and government organizations. The tasks involve not only the countering of directly recognizable risks by suitable measures but also the continuous extension and improvement of the methods and instrumentation used to recognize risks.

In situations where fundamental statutory principles or recognized guidelines for industrial safety problems are lacking, the Commission attempts to derive practicable recommendations based on practical experience and the findings of the working parties. In collaboration with the authorities, the Commission strives for meaningful interpretations and practical solutions within the framework of statutes and official regulations, and it is at the service of the authorities in the preparation of guidelines and fundamental statutory principles.

The Commission publishes findings and working party results arising from its activities in appropriate form. The reliability of such information must be assessed by the reader and no liability is accepted for its use.

An important part of the Commission's work involves safety education. Seminars and courses are held regularly to promote this aspect in universities and technical colleges.

The activities of the Commission are primarily supported by those firms and organizations whose employees are members. The results of the work are, however, available in principle to all interested parties.