This paper presents the results of an industry survey that was sponsored by the Ethylene Oxide Industry Council (EOIC). The EOIC operates as a special program of the Chemical Manufacturers Association. The members of EOIC account for over 85 percent of domestic production of EtO and cover a broad range of EtO users, including ethoxylators and sterilizers. The survey was done to collect current information in anticipation of responding to a proposed OSHA rulemaking for a short-term exposure limit for EtO. Specifically, the study was designed to collect information on the following:

  • 1.
    History of the establishment of company EtO exposure guidelines.
  • 2.
    Current EtO workplace exposure monitoring practices, capabilities and methods.
  • 3.
    Current workplace exposure levels: Eight hour and short-term.
  • 4.
    Engineering control, respirator, and ancillary costs for compliance with the 1.0 Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) and projected costs for compliance with a 5.0 ppm or 10.0 ppm Short–term Exposure Limit (STEL).