Correlation of a resistance-associated Rdl mutation in the German cockroach, Blattella germanica (L), with persistent dieldrin resistance in two Danish field populations



Danish Blattella germanica (L) populations carry the resistance-associated mutation A302S within the Resistance to dieldrin (Rdl) gene. The mutation has remained in field populations long after the discontinuation of dieldrin for cockroach control. The mutation has also persisted in our laboratory strains with high and intermediate frequencies for more than 8 years without selection. The toxicity of dieldrin was tested by topical application to male cockroaches in the susceptible strain DPIL-SUS and two field strains, Zo960302 and Su960304, which were 1270- and 15-fold resistant to dieldrin at LD50. We report the sequencing of exon 7 of the B germanica Rdl gene and the finding of the putative resistance-associated A302S mutation. We have developed and implemented a PCR-based diagnostic method with the detection of a restriction endonuclease polymorphism, which allows for easy discrimination of susceptible, resistant and heterozygote genotypes. The frequency of the resistance-associate allele A302S was 0.97 and 0.38 in the Zo960302 and Su960304 populations, respectively. The cockroach Rdl A302S allele confers high dieldrin resistance in homozygotes and intermediate resistance in heterozygotes, and its presence is responsible for the persisting dieldrin resistance in Danish populations of B germanica. Copyright © 2005 Society of Chemical Industry