Pest Management Science

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July 2013

Volume 69, Issue 7

Pages 775–882

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    1. Dietary chlorantraniliprole suppresses reproduction in worker bumblebees (pages 787–791)

      Guy Smagghe, Janna Deknopper, Ivan Meeus and Veerle Mommaerts

      Version of Record online: 5 APR 2013 | DOI: 10.1002/ps.3504

    2. Asian corn borer (ACB) and non-ACB pests in GM corn (Zea mays L.) in the Philippines (pages 792–801)

      Miladis M Afidchao, CJM Musters and Geert R de Snoo

      Version of Record online: 8 FEB 2013 | DOI: 10.1002/ps.3471

    3. Pyramiding and evaluation of three dominant brown planthopper resistance genes in the elite indica rice 9311 and its hybrids (pages 802–808)

      Jie Hu, Mingxing Cheng, Guanjun Gao, Qinglu Zhang, Jinghua Xiao and Yuqing He

      Version of Record online: 22 NOV 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/ps.3437

    4. Design, synthesis and fungicidal activity of 11-alkoxyimino-5,6-dihydro-dibenzo[b,e] azepine-6-one derivatives (pages 814–826)

      Yan-shuang Xiao, Xiao-jing Yan, Yan-jun Xu, Jia-xing Huang, Hui-zhu Yuan, Xiao-mei Liang, Jian-jun Zhang and Dao-quan Wang

      Version of Record online: 22 MAR 2013 | DOI: 10.1002/ps.3440

    5. A new dibenzoylhydrazine with insecticidal activity against Anopheles mosquito larvae (pages 827–833)

      Evangelia Morou, Manolis Lirakis, Nena Pavlidi, Moises Zotti, Yoshiaki Nakagawa, Guy Smagghe, John Vontas and Luc Swevers

      Version of Record online: 4 DEC 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/ps.3441

    6. Toxicity of insecticides to populations of tomato borer Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) from Greece (pages 834–840)

      Emmanouil Roditakis, Christina Skarmoutsou and Marianna Staurakaki

      Version of Record online: 29 NOV 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/ps.3442

    7. Ecotoxicological characterisation of a mycoherbicide mixture isolated from the fungus Ascochyta caulina (pages 850–856)

      Pietro Fumagalli, Anna Andolfi, Fabiana Avolio, Angela Boari, Alessio Cimmino and Antonio Finizio

      Version of Record online: 8 FEB 2013 | DOI: 10.1002/ps.3447

    8. Molecular tools for sterile sperm detection to monitor Ceratitis capitata populations under SIT programmes (pages 857–864)

      María Juan-Blasco, Beatriz Sabater-Muñoz, Rafael Argilés, Josep A Jacas, Pedro Castañera and Alberto Urbaneja

      Version of Record online: 28 JAN 2013 | DOI: 10.1002/ps.3448

    9. Target-site mutation associated with cross-resistance to ALS-inhibiting herbicides in late watergrass (Echinochloa oryzicola Vasing.) (pages 865–873)

      Nikolaos S Kaloumenos, Sofia L Chatzilazaridou, Photini V Mylona, Alexios N Polidoros and Ilias G Eleftherohorinos

      Version of Record online: 6 DEC 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/ps.3450

    10. Selection of a fungal isolate for the control of the pink hibiscus mealybug Maconellicoccus hirsutus (pages 874–882)

      Karla H Ibarra-Cortés, Ariel W Guzmán-Franco, Héctor González-Hernández, Javier Suarez-Espinosa and Jason Baverstock

      Version of Record online: 18 DEC 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/ps.3452