• imidacloprid;
  • imidacloprid-urea;
  • imidacloprid-olefin;
  • soil;
  • persistence;
  • metabolism


A laboratory experiment was performed to study the persistence of imidacloprid from two formulations (Confidor 200 g litre−1 SL and Gaucho 700 g kg−1 WS), and its metabolism in three different soils (Gangetic alluvial soil of Kalyani, lateritic soil of Jhargram and coastal alkaline soil of Canning) of West Bengal following application at 0.5 kg and 1.0 kg AI ha−1. Dissipation of imidacloprid in soil followed first-order kinetics and DT50 values ranged from 28.7 to 47.8 days. The shortest half-lives (28.7 and 35.8 days) were observed in the lateritic soil of Jhargram for both liquid and powder formulations. The formation of two metabolites of imidacloprid, imidacloprid-urea and imidacloprid-olefin, was first detected on day 30 of degradation at 28 (±1) °C in all three soils.

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