ps3418-sup-0001-FigureS1.docWord document630KFigure S1. Sequence alignments of Erg27 proteins. The peptide sequence of the B. cinerea Erg27 protein (GenBank accession number AY220532) was aligned to orthologous fungal proteins using the CLUSTAL W algorithm. Amino acids identical to the B. cinerea protein are shaded in black. The amino acid residues mutated in HydR3 and HydR3+ strains, L400 and F412 respectively, are indicated by the vertical arrows. The peptide sequence difference between B. cinerea and B. pseudocinerea (HydR1) is visible through the white shading of the B. pseudocinerea sequence, namely N93V, D146N, I211V, I215L, M218T, V234A, I235V, D261G, S264T, P269L, A285T and Q354K. Bpseudo_HydR1: Botrytis pseudocinerea JN815257; Ssclero: Sclerotinia sclerotiorum XP_001598240; Pteres: Pyrenophora teres XM_003300448.1; Nhaemato: Nectria haematococca jgi|Necha2|91272| (; Scerevisiae: S. cerevisiae Q12452.

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