ps3501-sup-0001-Fig.S1.tifTIFF image4887KThe phenotype distinction of male and female larvae in different strains of Bombyx mori (A), and the gender characters in Dazao larvae (B). For the sex-limited strains Ysh and 7532, the male and female larvae can be separated according to the body (or blood) colour and the dorsal black marking. The body (or blood) colour of Ysh larvae is yellow in females and oyster white in males. The marking (arrow in pictures) of 7532 larvae is dark black in females and slightly black in males. The Dazao larvae are distinguished from Ishiwada's glands and Herold's gland shown in Fig. S1B at newly moulted fifth-instar larvae.
ps3501-sup-0002-Fig.S2.tifTIFF image8518KThe sequence of the Cph-like gene and the deduced amino acid. The longest open reading frame was 498 bp, and the deduced amino acid sequence was 165 amino acids with a signal peptide of 16 amino acids.
ps3501-sup-0003-Fig.S3.tifTIFF image111KGender difference of CPV resistance in different strains of silkworm. The differences in the CPV resistance of male and female fifth-instar larvae of Ysh, 7532 and Dazao. Significant differences from the corresponding controls were determined using t-tests at ** P < 0.01, n = 30.

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