ps3516-sup-0001-TableS1.docWord document40KHerbicide treatments to assess the dynamics of cross-resistance evolution to different modes of action following pyroxasulfone and prosulfocarb recurrent selection in the MR L. rigidum population. The MR unselected parent population was documented resistant to diclofop-methyl, chlorsulfuron, trifluralin and S-metolachlor following field selection 19.
ps3516-sup-0002-TableS2.docWord document35KCross-resistance profile assessed by different herbicide modes of action. Probability values (P) were calculated as multiple comparisons (heterogeneity χ2 test) by comparing observed/expected plant survival/mortality between the unselected parental MR and the respective selected progenies. P-values were calculated with prop.test function in the program R version 2.14.1. The susceptible standard population VLR1 was controlled (mortality >95%) at recommended rate of each herbicide.

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