Design, synthesis and bioactivity evaluation of novel benzophenone hydrazone derivatives


  • Wen-Qun Li and Zhi-Jun Zhang contributed equally to this article.



Benzophenone hydrazone derivatives are among the most important classes of synthetic insecticides. In an effort to discover new molecules with good insecticidal/acaricidal activities, a series of novel benzophenone hydrazone N-acylated thiourea and urea derivatives was synthesized and bioassayed.


All of these compounds exhibited excellent bioactivities against T. cinnabarinus and B. brassicae, especially towards T. cinnabarinus with LC50 values ranging from 0.305 to 2.036 mmol L-1. Moreover, the acaricidal activities against T. cinnabarinus of compounds 8a–i, 12b–f and 12h were 2.5–5.5-fold that of parent molecule 3 based on the LC50 value.


Based on the observed bioactivities, the structure–activity relationship of these analogs was also discussed. Structure–activity relationships provided information that could direct further investigation on structure modification. Our studies indicated that benzophenone hydrazone N-acylated thiourea and urea derivatives could be used as potential lead compounds for developing novel acaricides and insecticides. © 2013 Society of Chemical Industry