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The strobilurin fungicides


  • This review is dedicated to the memory of Steve Heaney, a highly respected colleague and close friend, who was such a strong influence on the discovery and development of strobilurin fungicides


Strobilurins are one of the most important classes of agricultural fungicide. Their invention was inspired by a group of fungicidally active natural products. The outstanding benefits they deliver are currently being utilised in a wide range of crops throughout the world. First launched in 1996, the strobilurins now include the world's biggest selling fungicide, azoxystrobin. By 2002 there will be six strobilurin active ingredients commercially available for agricultural use. This review describes in detail the properties of these active ingredients – their synthesis, biochemical mode of action, biokinetics, fungicidal activity, yield and quality benefits, resistance risk and human and environmental safety. It also describes the clear technical differences that exist between these active ingredients, particularly in the areas of fungicidal activity and biokinetics.

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