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Solution structure by nuclear magnetic resonance of the two lantibiotics 97518 and NAI-107


Francesca Vasile, Organic and Industrial Chemistry Department, University of Milano, Milan, Italy. E-mail:


Lantibiotics 97518 and NAI-107, produced by the related genera Planomonospora and Microbispora respectively, are members of a family of nisin-related compounds. They represent promising compounds to treat infections caused by multiresistant Gram-positive pathogens. Despite their similar structure and a similar antibacterial spectrum, the two lantibiotics exhibit significant differences in their potency. To gain an insight into the structure–activity relationships, their conformational properties in solution are determined by NMR. After carrying out an NOE analysis of 2D 1H NMR spectra, high-resolution 3D structures are determined using molecular dynamics simulations. Copyright © 2011 European Peptide Society and John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.